Holiday Hazards and Pet Safety (Infographic)

YourDogBreeds Infogaphic



With the holiday season quickly approaching, it’s important for pet owners to keep in mind the potential hazards that are posed by assumed “harmless”  holiday spirit.  While we would hate to be the Scrooge of Reality during this season’s celebrations, it’s important you put that spiked eggnog down for a few, and sip on these sobering facts.


During the holiday season, we assumed the dangers lie in the excessive drunk drivers, but never do we stop to think of the hazards posed under our very own roof. Take mistletoe, for example. What we perceive as mere ‘kissing decor’ could actually be the kiss death for many pets, if ingested. Along with poisonous plants, we can also check off tinsel, snug santa suits and glass decorations as huge, yet remarkably simple hazards that put your furry friend at high risk.


In light of the pending holiday season,  we’ve compiled a list of safety tips for you to consider. From potential, decoration disasters to costumes that constrict, take a look at our latest infographic to avoid holiday hazards, and ensure a safe and healthy season for both owner and best friend.